Interactivate Activities

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Interactivate is a website for exploration in science and math for grades 3 and up that includes activities, tools, and a dictionary for learners, and lessons, standards, and discussions for instructors.  Browse by subject, topic, audience, or resource type.  For grades 3 and up.


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50,000 free educational videos that have been categorized and rated for K-12 education.  Use the directory or search for videos by subject and age level. For all grade levels. 

Windows to the Universe

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A website for learning about the Earth and space sciences that includes documents, images, movies, animations, and data sets that explore the Earth and Space sciences. This is a great site for teaching and learning science because it is written in three reading levels:  beginner (elementary), middle school (intermediate), and high school (advanced). These levels can be chosen by using the upper button bar of each page of the main site. For all grade levels.

PhET Interactive Simulations

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Fun, interactive, research-based simulations to support learning in Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, and Math.  All simulations have been tested and rated.  Must have Flash and Java installed to run.  Can view by category and sub-categories or by grade level. For all grade levels.

Internet4Classrooms: Grade Level Help

Screenshot for Internet4Classrooms: Grade Level Help

Interactive language arts (common core aligned), math, and social studies activities to reinforce skills.  Organized by grade level and skill categories.  Each skill builders page provides multiple links to interactive resources for students.   For all grade levels.

Open Text Summarizer

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Paste text or a URL into this tool to get back a condensed version of the text or keywords.  Select the summarization ratio and language of choice.  For use with nonfiction text only. For grades 6 and up.


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A.nnotate is a free online tool that allows collaborative annotating of documents and images. Annotations can appear on the page or in the margins. Notes are indexed and searchable. You can set a document to private or share with others. For all grade levels.


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Ponder is a browser add-on and app that allows you to create "micro reading responses" anywhere on the web and measures reading activity. Teachers can set up a class and assign readings and students can identify challenging passages and share their reflections with classmates. For all grade levels.


Screenshot for Curriculet

Curriculet is a free digital reading platform. Teachers can enrich reading by embedding questions, quizzes, and media. Texts are available in the book room and public domain, or you can use an article from the internet or upload your own text. Also allows tracking of common core literacy standards. For all grade levels.

Actively Learn

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Actively Learn is a free online e-reader that allows teachers to add content such as questions, images, and videos to a text to help guide the reading. Choose from hundreds of public domain texts, use internet articles, or upload your own text. Also have access to embedded common core aligned questions and multimedia. Also allows you to assess and analyze data.


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