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Rewordify is a free online software that simplifies a text. Paste text into the box and click "rewordify text". The difficult words are replaced with easier words and highlighted. You can hover over the highlighting to see the original words. Rewordify also provides a reading level for the text, lets you choose from six different rewording levels, and has settings that allow you to manipulate how the highlighting appears. You can also save and share the results. This software includes tools that help with learning the difficult words that were replaced.

Utilizing Student-Owned Devices

University of Idaho

Students are accustomed to having nearly constant access to digital devices outside of the classroom, so why not find ways to incorporate the use of student-owned devices inside the classroom? Here are three possibilities to assist teachers with integrating student-owned devices to enhance lessons, increase communication, and engage students:

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A database with over 400 national anthems. Includes detailed information for each anthem along with a mp3 file, sheet music (when available), and lyrics with an English translation. For all grade levels.

Teaching Channel

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Videos of innovative teaching practices from teachers across the country. Browse by subject, grade, or topics. For all grade levels. For all grade levels.

VISUWORDS online graphical dictionary

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This easy to use tool can assist students to not only understand word meaning but also helps to visualize the connections between words. For all grade levels.


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Web 2.0 tool that enables the creation of a speaking avatar from a photo. Have students create a blabber from a historical or fictional character's point of view or create a blabber to share an important announcement or assignment. Numerous creative options for classroom use! For all grade levels.


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Great web 2.0 tool for creating animated maps.

H.S.I.: Historical Scene Investigation

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A website with a twist on the popular CSI, designed to assist busy social studies teachers with bringing primary sources into their classrooms. For grades 9 to 12.

Woices: World Voices

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Students can create an audio tour of a hometown/historical location or listen to location based audioguides created by others. For all grade levels.


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