Special Education


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Teachers can create and customize mobile presentations for student learning.  Students complete an interactive lesson in real-time and the teacher is able to monitor and measure student results.  Free version available. For all grade levels.


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XMind is a free, easy to use mind mapping tool.  Requires download.  Can set maps to public, unlisted, or private. For grades 9 and up.

The Learning Toolbox

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The purpose of this website is to offer support to the specific needs of students with learning disabilities and ADHD.  Students begin by choosing the area they need help in:  organizing, test taking, study skills, note taking, reading, writing, math, or advanced thinking.  Students then read through the tips and examples to help them tackle that area of need.


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This free online proofreading tool give you a report with color-coded suggestions for spelling, grammar, and style in seconds.


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Use CRAYON to create your own customized newspaper with easy step-by-step instructions.  You link to the news sources you want and CRAYON brings them together in one newspaper. For grades 6 and up.


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Easy comic-creating tool.  ToonDoo was created as a new way of expression for those who don't know how to draw.  Create free comic strips by dragging and dropping or clicking. For all grade levels. 


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VoiceThread is a web-based tool for sharing that enables you to upload documents, images, or videos and add commentary.  You can also invite others to add commentary.  Includes a library of shared VoiceThreads organized by subject area. For all grade levels.

CAST UDL Book Builder

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Use this site to create, share, publish, and read digital books that engage and support diverse learners according to their individual needs, interests, and skills. For all grade levels. 

Camera Mouse

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This free program allows you to move the mouse pointer by moving your head.  Requires windows and a webcam.  

Education Oasis Graphic Organizers

Screenshot for Education Oasis Graphic Organizers

This website contains 58 printable graphic organizers in pdf form in the following categories: cause and effect; character and story; compare and contrast; sequence, cycle, timeline, and chain of events; and vocabulary development and concept organizers.


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