Special Education

SEN Teacher

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SEN (Special Education Needs) Teacher offers free printables and interactive downloadables geared for all children but with a focus on those with special needs. Concepts taught range from learning time to more abstract concepts like cause and effect. For all grade levels.

Universal Design for Learning (UDL)

UDL Framework, What is UDL? Multiple Means to Engage, Support, & Challenge Students; and Technology Tools for UDL

Speech Pad

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Speechpad is a voice recognition application for entering text using a microphone. It can also convert audio files to the text. It provides entering punctuation and editing text by voice, using voice commands, converting audio files and youtube video and many other features. For all grade levels.

NaturalReader: Text to Speech

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A Chrome App for listening to pdf's, word documents, ebooks, or web pages.  Choose from over 30 natural-sounding voices in seven languages and adjust speaking speed. This easy to use software can convert any written text such as MS Word, Webpage, PDF files, and Emails into spoken words.

Read & Write for Google

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This Chrome extension enables text to speech and other amazing tools for a google doc, website, or pdf.  Includes highlighting words as it reads, text and picture dictionary, translation, word prediction, and highlighting tools. For all grade levels. 


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Type in a word and generate a list of rhymes, near-rhymes, synonyms, antonyms, definitions, homophones, and more.  You can even search for poems or quotations that include the word. For all grade levels. 


Screenshot for Nearpod

Teachers can create and customize mobile presentations for student learning.  Students complete an interactive lesson in real-time and the teacher is able to monitor and measure student results.  Free version available. For all grade levels.


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XMind is a free, easy to use mind mapping tool.  Requires download.  Can set maps to public, unlisted, or private. For grades 9 and up.

The Learning Toolbox

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The purpose of this website is to offer support to the specific needs of students with learning disabilities and ADHD.  Students begin by choosing the area they need help in:  organizing, test taking, study skills, note taking, reading, writing, math, or advanced thinking.  Students then read through the tips and examples to help them tackle that area of need.


Screenshot for GrammarCheck

This free online proofreading tool give you a report with color-coded suggestions for spelling, grammar, and style in seconds.


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