Screenshot for PandaDoc

PandaDoc is an Add-on for Docs that allows users to add their personal signatures to Docs.


Remove Duplicates

Screenshot for Remove Duplicates

Remove Duplicates is an Add-on for Sheets that with a wizard, allows users to remove duplicates or identify uniques either in two sheets or one.


Screenshot for autoCrat

autoCrat is an Add-on for Sheets that allows users to take data, possibly from a Forms results, and merge it with a Google Doc. This is a great tool for when educators need to send masses of letters or reports home detailing the same individualized information. Also, it provides the option to email the letters as well as convert the Google Doc into a PDF.

g(Math) for Forms

Screenshot for g(Math) for Forms

g(Math) is an Add-on for Forms that makes Forms math friendly by allowing users to create graphs, statistical displays, and other complex math all in the sidebar where it can be inserted into a Form. Also, responders completing a Form may use g(Math) to create graphs, statistical displays, and other math in their responses. For all grade levels.


Screenshot for formLimiter

formLimiter is an Add-on for Forms that allows users to create time-bound forms like assignments with due dates, event registration with limited seats, or other first come-first serve scenarios. formLimiter adds a feature that shuts off a Form once: after a max number of submissions, by a date/time, or when a certain cell equals a value.


Screenshot for Notifications

Notifications is an Add-on for Forms that allows users who create a form to create email notifications that when a user submits a form, is generated and sent to either the form creator or the submitter, depending upon the purpose of the form. Be aware that this add-on works best for simple forms and not so well for larger, complex forms.

AdBlock Plus

Screenshot for AdBlock Plus

AdBlock Plus is a Chrome extension that, as it says, blocks ads. Adblock Plus is a free Chrome extension that blocks all annoying ads, malware, and tracking.

Google Dictionary

Screenshot for Google Dictionary

Google Dictionary is a Chrome Extension which can be found in the Chrome App Store and once installed allows users to double click on any words on a web page for a definition along with pronunciation.


Screenshot for OneTab

OneTab is a Chrome Extension that works only on the Chrome browser. The extension helps save computer memory and eliminate tab clutter by reducing a mass of open tabs into one where a user may elect to re-open one or restore all the tabs from within the one open tab.


Screenshot for GeoGebra

GeoGebra is a handy, interactive application designed for students, primary to the collegiate level. Users can engage and blend geometry, algebra, spreadsheets, graphing, statistics, and calculus. GeoGebra offers an authoring tool to create interactive learning materials/lessons in the format of a webpage as well as many downloadable free resources. Also, it has apps for iOS and Android devices. For all grade levels. 


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