Screenshot for Tinkercad

Students can design their own 3D objects in this web-based app. There is no need to no CAD to create your own objects for 3D printing. For grades 9 and up.


Screenshot for Hopscotch

With the Hopscotch iOS app, coding is made easier. No typing or tricky syntax. Just drag blocks of code with your finger and play with what you make instantly. Also, users can make many things like their own games such as a new version of Geometry Dash, or a journey to outer space, create digital art. The possibilities are limitless. For grades 6 and up.

Educause Review

Screenshot for Educause Review

Educause Review is a higher education online journal for IT applications in higher education. In this article, "Using Mobile Learning Resources in foreign Language Instruction", is data results showing teachers and students' interest in integrating technology in the language classroom environment. Also, there are useful digital resources suggested near the bottom of the article. For all grade levels.

Universal Design for Learning (UDL)

UDL Framework, What is UDL? Multiple Means to Engage, Support, & Challenge Students; and Technology Tools for UDL

Speech Pad

Screenshot for Speech Pad

Speechpad is a voice recognition application for entering text using a microphone. It can also convert audio files to the text. It provides entering punctuation and editing text by voice, using voice commands, converting audio files and youtube video and many other features. For all grade levels.

EDISON Cloud Take II

University of Idaho

Edison Cloud – Implementation

Here is a reminder about what Edison-Cloud is from DesignSoft:  EDISON Cloud version is a unique new learning environment for electricity and electronics. Teachers and students can use multimedia screens, virtual instruments, sound, and animation to create, test, and safely repair circuits. Lifelike 3D components will captivate the students as they build circuits and simultaneously see the corresponding circuit schematic.

Class Messenger

Screenshot for Class Messenger

Send text, documents, surveys, photos, or video to parents and students via email, text, or a mobile app with this free, two-way messaging system.  Teachers create classes and parents or students can join the class or be added by the teacher.  Teacher phone number and email are kept private.  Parent and student phone numbers and emails can only be seen by the teacher. For all grade levels.


Screenshot for PBWorks

PBworks is an online wiki-creation tool, which allows users to create free basic wiki workspaces. Workspaces can be public or private (only viewable by those who have been invited). Wikis work very much like a typical website; a wiki can have multiple pages each with different content. Wikis are simple websites and require no knowledge of website coding languages. Wikis can be used to share course resources or for group projects and students portfolios. Multiple users can contribute to a wiki. 


Screenshot for Wix

Wix is one of many online websites that allow users to create free websites without knowing HTML. Not only is there interface simple to use, even for complete beginners, the templates they offer are streamlined, easy to modify, and aesthetically attractive. Wix uses HTML5 which means the websites show up easily across different devices. Creating a website is simple – just add the content you want and drag and drop it to where you want it to appear. Though Wix has its downfalls, like the inability to collaborate on websites, the advantages far make up for them.


Screenshot for cK-12

CK-12 Foundation creates and aggregates curated STEM content. It provides free and fully customizable K-12 open educational resources tailored to meet student and teacher needs.  For all grade levels. 


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