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This is a free computer programming tool for kids created by Carnegie Mellon University. Students can create animated movies and simple video games in this 3D virtual world. Designed to be a student's first exposure to object-oriented programming, students drag and drop graphic tiles to create a program.

CB Model Pro

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This easy to use 3D modeling tool is geared towards young users and can be downloaded for free. For grades 6 and up.

Architect Studio 3D from the Frank Lloyd Wright Preservation Trust

Screenshot for Architect Studio 3D from the Frank Lloyd Wright Preservation Trust

Students can learn about architecture, the design process, and Frank Lloyd Wright's work. The Design Studio allows students to create a house using the whole design process. Site also includes curriculum connection for teachers and challenges for student enrichment. For K to 8.

Adventure Maker

Screenshot for Adventure Maker

Create your own interactive 3D virtual environment with this free download. Allows you to create point-and-click games and virtual tools with no programming required. Easy to use. Includes free drawing tool and music composer.

VISUWORDS online graphical dictionary

Screenshot for VISUWORDS online graphical dictionary

This easy to use tool can assist students to not only understand word meaning but also helps to visualize the connections between words. For all grade levels.

Google Apps Comparison Chart

University of Idaho
Teacher Student
Use: Deliver Content Receive Content Assessment Collaboration Composition Research

Full PDF of Google Apps Hand Out

This PDF includes overviews of Google Apps, potential uses, and assignment sheet ideas.


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