Google Art Project

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A collaborative effort between Google and a diversity of art institutions around the world, Google Art Project lets you explore works of art ranging from sculptures to oil on canvas and furniture. High resolution images allow you to examine and be more immersed in the art work. 

Idaho's Top 200 K12 Websites

University of Idaho

This page provides a list of the top web resources utilized by K12 schools throughout the state of Idaho. The list was compiled by gathering links from school website pages, and resources are ranked by 1) the number of schools from unique districts linking to the site and 2) the number of schools linking to the site overall.

Edmodo | Where Learning Happens

Screenshot for Edmodo | Where Learning Happens
Edmodo is a Learning Managment System (LMS) that was modeled upon the Social Media sites students love minus the cons of Social Media features. Edmodo provides a free and safe way for students and teachers to connect and collaborate. Teachers can create classes without email accounts required and poll students, quiz them (and Edmodo will grade them), and upload assignments. No more the dog ate my homework! For all grade levels.


Screenshot for Animoto
Great web 2.0 tool for digital storytelling or videos combining pictures, video, text, and music.! 30 second creations are free. Animoto is also available as an iOS app. For all grade levels.


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