Google Keep

Screenshot for Google Keep

Google Keep is a free Google app that can be used as a research tool or digital daily writing composition book, collecting notes, images, memos, voice recordings and more. Also, students can use this app as a digital organizer for school and/or home.

Google Add-ons

Google Add-ons are mini apps that can be added to certain Google Apps -Google Docs, Sheets, Forms, etc.- to enhance the functionality through adding new features that target specific needs. Add-ons are mostly free (there are occasional "freemiums" where features you may desire require a paid account) and can be found in the menu under Add-ons of all the Google Apps.

Here is a link to Google support page that covers how to install/uninstall Add-ons.

Google Chrome Extensions

Google Chrome extensions are mini software programs that can be added to your Chrome browser to specifically improve your browser's functionality in targeted ways. The extensions may be found in Google's Chrome Web Store and most of them are free.

Here is a web page created by Google to guide users through adding and managing Chrome extensions.


Screenshot for Vocaroo

Vocaroo is a voice recording site that is simple, free, and easy. One warning though; it's still in beta testing mode, so you may not want to use it for an major class project, only for simple informal formative assessments.


Screenshot for GoFormative

GoFormative is a free web-based resource that is a variation of a Learning Management System (LMS) focused primarily on formative assessments, informal or formal. Teachers may load their assignments and give students codes to get in (no email address required) where they can complete the assignment. Teachers can see student work in real-time and respond and grade it from in Formative.

Using Flubaroo Add-on with New Forms

This screencast will walk you through how to grade student quizzes in the new Google Forms using the Add-on Flubaroo

New Google Forms

This video walk-through will show you how to use the new Google Forms & show you some ideas for classroom applications.


UITPA Resources

When recording video for the UITPA, check the photo and camera settings on the device you are using to be sure that you are not recording in the highest quality setting.  Most devices will automatically default to the best HD setting.  If you record this video in high definition, the amount of time to download it from your device and upload it to Taskstream is excessive.


Screenshot for ClassCraft

ClassCraft is a Learning Management System (LMS) that is modeled on the kid popular Minecraft where role playing fosters effective student collaboration when students gain points for helping each other and for improved behavior. Parents have the ability to be connected and provide support from home as well through awarding points for work done at home. Some features are paid such as some of the interactive gamified features, but the basic free version is worth exploring. For all grade levels.


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