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Screenshot for Rewordify

Rewordify is a free online software that simplifies a text. Paste text into the box and click "rewordify text". The difficult words are replaced with easier words and highlighted. You can hover over the highlighting to see the original words. Rewordify also provides a reading level for the text, lets you choose from six different rewording levels, and has settings that allow you to manipulate how the highlighting appears. You can also save and share the results. This software includes tools that help with learning the difficult words that were replaced.

POWERUP What Works

Screenshot for POWERUP What Works

A free guide to technology-enhanced teaching and learning in English Language Arts and Math to help struggling students meet the Common Core State Standards funded through a five year grant by the U.S. Department of Education, Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP). For all grade levels.

Online Stopwatch

Screenshot for Online Stopwatch

Project this full-screen stopwatch to keep track during timed activities. For all grade levels.


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Worried your students will never be able to type in that really long link? Paste in the URL and bitly will shorten it. Also allows you to track how many times a link has been followed. For all grade levels.

Teaching Channel

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Videos of innovative teaching practices from teachers across the country. Browse by subject, grade, or topics. For all grade levels. For all grade levels.

Open Culture K-12 Resources

Screenshot for Open Culture K-12 Resources

The best free cultural and educational media on the web. 200 free educational resources for kids. Video lessons, apps, books, websites and more organized by subject area - all free! For all grade levels.

VISUWORDS online graphical dictionary

Screenshot for VISUWORDS online graphical dictionary

This easy to use tool can assist students to not only understand word meaning but also helps to visualize the connections between words. For all grade levels.

Tag Galaxy

Screenshot for Tag Galaxy

Use this tool to instantly gather hundreds of images by entering a tag on any subject. Globes pop up with the subject you entered and associated terms. The visual effect of the photos being gathered is intriguing and inviting which will surely prompt discussion on the topic. Click on an image to find its source. For all grade levels.


Screenshot for Remind

This amazing tool allows you to send students and parents messages without revealing either their or your information. Students and parents sign up by sending a text or email through a code you share with them.
"Remind was built, in conjunction with educators, to solve communication obstacles between teachers, students and parents. Across all grade levels and institution types, Remind is a safe and simple communication solution to help teachers extend their classrooms."
Use it to:


Screenshot for Blabberize

Web 2.0 tool that enables the creation of a speaking avatar from a photo. Have students create a blabber from a historical or fictional character's point of view or create a blabber to share an important announcement or assignment. Numerous creative options for classroom use! For all grade levels.


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