Windows Live Movie Maker Tutorials

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Windows Live Movie Maker is Windows free movie editing software for Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8. Below you will find step-by-step instructions and tutorial videos for how to start a new movie, add videos and photos, add music, add text, and save as a movie file.

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Below are the steps to start a new movie project. When you open Windows Live Movie Maker, it may open the most recent project you were working on. To create a new project:

1. Click on the blue tab to the left of Home at the top left of your screen.
2. Click on "New Project."
3. This will open a new project.
4. To save your project, click on the blue tab again and then click on "Save Project" and give your project a name.

The steps for adding videos and photos to your project are the same. Follow the steps below:

1. Click on the 'Home" tab.
2. Click on "Add videos and photos."
3. Navigate to where the video/photo you'd like to import exists.
4. Choose your video/photo file and click "Open."
5. This will add the selected video/photo to the end of your movie.

Alternatively, you may open a file browser on your computer and drag and drop compatible files to the movie editing window.

Windows Movie Maker provides the option to add text as title, captions, or credits to your video. To do so, follow these steps:

1. To add text, click on the "Home" tab.
2. Under the "Add" section, click on "Title" "Caption" or "Credits."
3. This will add a black slide to your movie and open the Text Tools Format menu.
4. Type in the text you would like to appear.
5. Using the toolbar at the top, you may choose your font type, font size, font color, and background color.
6. Change the duration of the slide under "State time" or "Text duration."
6. To get out of the Text Tools Format menu, click on the "Home Tab."

Along with the audio of the movie clips you're editing, you can have another audio track (traditionally music or voice-over). To add another audio track, do the following:

1. To add music, click on the "Home" tab.
2. Under the Add section, click on "Add Music."
3. Navigate to where the music file you'd like to import exists.
4. Choose your music file and click "Open."
5. This will add the music to your movie. You will see it appear above your video clip or photos on your timeline.
6. If you would like to change where the music starts, click on the music bar and drag it to where you would like for it to start.
7. To change things like fade, music volume, start end end time, click on the song then click on the "Music Tools" bar at the top of your screen. When you are finished, click on "Home."

Until you save specifically as a movie file, your project will be saved as a project file, which will only be able to be viewed on your own computer. To save as a movie:

1. Click on "Home" at the top of your screen.
2. Towards the right of the "Home" menu, under "Share" click on "Save Movie."
3. Give your movie a File name, choose where you would like for it to download, then click "Save." This process may take a bit of time depending on how large your movie file is.

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