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THE Journal: 5 Lessons from a Learning Lab

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University of Idaho

THE Journal featured an article about the Doceo Center that highlights some of the lessons learned through our professional development efforts. The 3-page article was entitled "5 Lessons from a Learning Lab" and includes a number of quotes from Doceo Center staff.

The full article may be viewed online.

Workshop and Lab Calendar

This schedule shows both university and K-12 professional development workshops. K-12 events are prefaced with a (K-12) marking before the event title. Click on any event title for more details. Click here to join an online session.

June 2014

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Summer is anything but an academic break at the Doceo Center, where we have spent the month of June presenting at conferences, leading summer institutes with K-12 teachers, and gearing up our lab for the fall semester, which will shortly be on our doorstep.

In the month of June, we presented at two major national conferences: UBTech and NASDTEC. At the University Business Technology (UBTech) conference, we presented two sessions that focused on our outreach efforts to K-12 teachers and our work with higher education faculty in our innovative learning technologies lab. Our sessions were well attended, and the center was also identified as a finalist for two AMX innovation awards, which are meant to honor innovations with technology in higher education.

At the annual conference of the National Association of State Directors of Teacher Education and Certification (NASDTEC), we led a session with representatives from institutes of higher education and state departments of education on the complex topic of preparing teachers to be technologically competent in classrooms and what this entails for colleges of education and states in determining licensure requirements and coursework.

May 2014

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University of Idaho

With the school year winding down, the month of May provided us with an opportunity to wrap up projects, prepare for the summer, and begin exploring new technologies for the coming year. We have placed a 360-degree panoramic photo of our lab available online, and some of the exciting new technologies that we introduced to the lab this month include an interactive table and a portable educational gaming station. The interactive table has a 55-inch, 40-point touchscreen display that we are currently upgrading with an advanced graphics card and other high-performance hardware. With this table, teachers and students will be able to gather around a common display and interact with learning objects together. The portable educational gaming station includes an Xbox One, 50-inch display, and Xbox Kinect mounted on a mobile cart, which we plan to use to support educational gaming studies and the use of motion-based games for physical education.

Doceo Center Lab Panoramic View

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University of Idaho

The Doceo Center for Innovation + Learning's teaching and learning laboratory serves as a hub for connecting research, teaching, and K-12 outreach.  The lab is used for workshops, classes, and other activities focused on improving teaching and learning with technology.

Using an iPad mini, a tripod, and the inexpensive 360Panorama iOS app, we are able to capture a full panorama of the lab, detailing the room's design, layout, and technology resources.

2013-14 Report: Guiding Technology Integration in the State of Idaho

University of Idaho
Screenshot for 2013-14 Report: Guiding Technology Integration in the State of Idaho

With its first full-time staff members starting in June 2013, the Doceo Center for Innovation + Learning began its work to improve K-12 teaching and learning in Idaho during the 2013-2014 school year. This report highlights the Center’s efforts for its first academic year of operations, encompassing Fall 2013 and Spring 2014. In this year, the Doceo Center participated in a number of K-12 outreach, research, and university development activities and has produced a number of valuable outcomes focused on improving K-12 teaching and learning in the state of Idaho through effective technology integration.

This report provides an overview of activities and results from the Doceo Center’s first year of operations and is divided into five sections: Background, K-12 Outreach, Research, University Development, and Becoming a National Model.

Online Professional Development Courses

The University of Idaho Doceo Center for Innovation + Learning offers online professional development courses to teachers, administrators, and curriculum and technology personnel.  These courses are intended to provide schools with quality professional development focused on technology and Idaho Core Standards integration.  Each course follows a theme for an entire school year, with each theme focusing upon aspects of technology integration for improving teaching and learning.

April 2014

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University of Idaho

The month of April finally witnessed the ribbon-cutting of our Doceo Center lab, which is something that we have been looking forward to for a long time! The event and subsequent open house were well attended by both special guests and interested members of the University of Idaho community.

Representatives from state government, the State Board of Education, the university, the J.A. and Kathryn Albertson Foundation, and various colleges were in attendance, including senators and the new president of the University of Idaho.

KLEWTV Reports on Doceo Center Ribbon Cutting

The Doceo Center for Innovation + Learning held its ribbon cutting on April 4, and various dignitaries were in attendance to commemorate the event. KLEWTV aired the following report on the ribbon cutting on April 7:

March 2014

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University of Idaho

The month of March has been full of final lab preparations for our grand opening on April 4. As part of preparations, we have had the chance to invite in a number of student groups representing both K-12 and college ages to try out the equipment and test the space. Dr. Brant Miller and Dr. Aleksandra Hollingshead, both faculty members in Curriculum and Instruction, have held their normally scheduled classes in the new space, and other groups that have come into the lab have include homeschool and youth groups. In these test sessions, students have been amazed at the technology available and the possibilities they can afford for education. Some of the technologies that students have been most excited about have included wearable technologies (e.g., Google Glass), interactive displays, and mobile technologies (e.g., tablets, pocket cameras).

Throughout this testing phase, we've been bug testing and fine-tuning the lab to be as functional and streamlined as possible, and we have made some major adjustments during the process (including improving wireless connectivity and ethernet capabilities in the classroom). Through this process, our technology provider Compview and University of Idaho Information Technology and Facilities Services have provided excellent support and helped us to get the lab to a state where we are excited to finally go online! Our grand opening on April 4th will include a ribbon cutting ceremony with a number of dignitaries and an open house for all interested parties from 12pm to 4pm.